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Spark Audio Speaker Sound System 295100866

Spark Audio Speaker Sound System 295100866


Ear bleeding 50 watt audio system with full Bluetooth connectivity allowing for the ultimate sounds with your Seadoo.




IP 67 Fully submersible and removable, can be used on and off the watercraft. Front mounted and positioned toward driver for maximum sound clarity. Control pad on the speaker for volume and song adjustment. Powered with a rechargeable lithium battery that offers upto 24 hours of use.


Support base with quick-attach system is required (295100913) BRP Audio-Portable System Support Base

295100913 @ £59.96.






Front Deflector Replacement Lid (295100870) is required when installing the sound system on 2018 and prior models with iBR and a Front Storage Bin Kit is fitted.


(295100864) or the Front Deflector Lid Kit (295100865) is installed. Adjustable Riser Retrofit Kit (295100702) is required to install on SPARK (2016 and prior).

SKU: 295101043
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