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Experience the highest standard of hand-crafted seat covers from Grip-Gear in the Netherlands. Designed for racing, these covers are tough and fully customizable in texture, colour, stitching, and logos. 

Over the years of seeing different manufacturers covers these stand out amongst the rest for design, quality and styles. Pricing and fitment details can be found in our online shop alternatively get in touch with your make and model and we can send over designs we have created for many of our happy customers.

We offer in house installation and shipping upon request.



SEA DOO GTX ltd 2018 - 2020                                        SEA DOO RXP 215 2004-2007                                SEA DOO RXP-X 255 2008-2011

SEA DOO RXP-X 260 2012-2020                                     SEA DOO RXT 260 2010-20                                               SEA DOO RXT is

SEA DOO RXT-300 2016-2017                                         SEA DOO RXT-X 215-255 2002-2008                           SEA DOO RXT-X 2018 - 2020

SEA DOO spark kappen chine pad 2014-2020                    SEA DOO spark seat 2014-2020                                      Yamaha GP1800 seat 















Yamaha superjet chinpad

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