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SeaDoo VICTORY Spark Turbo Kit
  • SeaDoo VICTORY Spark Turbo Kit


    VICTORY Sea‑Doo Spark/Trixx Turbo Kit REV2


    Install service available.


    Kits includes -High quality IHI Turbocharger-Upgraded injectors-Upgraded MAP- Sensor-Performance Intercooler-Sport Air Filter with water resistant hat-Stainless exhaust system, choose between free flow and OEM silencer.-All required tubing and hoses.



    - 8-10PSI of boost, 160Hp-180Hp.

    - Recommended pitch 13/18

    Top speed varies depending on year and pump set up 90-120 kmh depending on pitch and boost.

    - Reinforced bolts for the exhaust manifold.- Additional mounts for holding the turbo in place and prevent damage when jumping.- IHI Turbocharger with carefully welded water jacket. More about IHI Turbocharger - Optional to choose between using the OEM silencer for keeping sound level down or free flow exhaust.- High quality silicone hoses with 3- layers.


    Kit includes:

    1x IHI Turbocharger.1x Wastegate with 7.5psi (0,5 bar) spring.1x MAP- Sensor3x Injectors1x VICTORY Mount from engine to turbo and exhaust.1x Exhaust neck flange with gasket and k-nuts.1x Exhaust for OEM Silencer.1x VICTORY Silicone hose kit.1x Inter pipe for Intercooler -> Turbo.1x Inter pipe for Throttle body -> Intercooler.2x Acrylic sheets for intercooler and engine power supply components.1x Air Filter Tube with engine top breather connector.1x VICTORY 4” Stainless Air Filter with water resistant hat.1x Joint for oil inlet.1x Stand for water coolant tank.1x Reinforced Silicone Hose Kit for water9x M8 Studs and k-nuts for exhaust manifold.1x Permatex Supra Copper High Temp Silicone.1x Oxygen Sensor Plug.1x Damp material for protecting ECU.Straps.Stainless clamps in various sizes.Stainless screws and nuts.


    Does NOT include;

    MaptunerX, tuning license or impeller.

    See related products.


    Suitable for 2014-2022 including Trixx.



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