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COOPER ANCHOR 1Kg - Nylon - PWC Anchor Jetski
  • COOPER ANCHOR 1Kg - Nylon - PWC Anchor Jetski


    Cooper Anchors is the trusted choice for your on water Sea-Doo watercraft securing needs, from exploring cove's to fishing in the UK. It's compatible with all PWC, SUPs, kayaks, and boats up to 3.5 meters. With over 1 million anchors sold worldwide, it's clear that Cooper Anchors are reliable and efficient. Don't just take our word for it, ask any experienced Jetski rider and they will confirm this is the ultimate anchor on the market.


    Do I need a chain? The use of chain will reduce the scope required by absorbing some of the shock and loads caused by wind and waves and also help maintain a more horizontal pull On the anchor. If wind, swell and or current increases the scope should also be increased


    Option A: 7 to 1 scope (no chain) suitable only for small craft in shallow water.

    Option B: 4 to 1 scope (short chain 1meter in length) This is a practical choice for most situations with no need for shackles. The rope or cord can be tied or spliced to the anchor and chain

    Option C: 3 to 1 scope (chain equal to boat length) most commonly used method

    What is scope? Scope is the ratio between the length of rope and or chain and the depth of water. for example, Option C. with 3 to 1 scope, in 2m of water would need a total of 6m of rope and chain.

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