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This 4-seater ABJET 290 is powered by the world famous 900cc four stroke Rotax engine with hundreds of thousands of these currently in use in the watercraft sector. Backing this up is the 3-year Rotax engine international warranty so you have full peace of mind.


For its nimble size at 2.90 meters long and 1.70 meters wide its able to fit in many of the smaller garages in the powerboat market, don’t be fooled by its size though as it still packs an impressive 90hp which is more than enough to water-ski or let of some steam off and have some fun.


The dry weight of the ABJET 290 is 300 kg and boasts a 38-litre fuel tank which will give the jet tender a range approximately 100 miles based upon the fuel capacity and the engine using 9 litres per hour at wide open throttle.


The AB JET range offers the highest passenger capacity for like for like comparison of the competition in the jet tender craft segment.


SOUTH QUAY LESIURE is the UK South Coasts friendly authorised dealer not only offering new and used sales, but a fully equipped Rotax workshop able to modify craft to suit the customer's needs, situated on site at our sister company JETSKIHUB.


For transport estimates or general expert advice on your Jet tender then please visit us or get in touch.


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