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    Riva racing Seadoo sponsons RS26190 deliver a significant handling improvement through increased adjustability.


    Bulletproof aluminum mounting inserts add strength and increase vertical adjustability.


    Sponson fins are precision machined from high strength material that will not flex under extreme conditions.


    2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300. Initial acceleration testing showed that the lift generated by the Sea-Doo’s ST3 hull, new “Launch Control” feature and factory-equipped X-series sponsons gave the RXT-X 300 a key advantage; the runabout shot to plane half a second faster than its competition.

    Yet, when it came to negotiating through the narrow, pump wash-churned bayous of Louisiana, the factory sponsons’ leading edge couldn’t keep the tail secure, resulting in two unexpected spin-outs. Equally notable was the RXT-X’s tendency cut sharply and suddenly during wide gradual turns when the sponsons caught the water, surprising the riders.

    This lack of “bite” in turbulence and the sudden “snap” effect when the sponsons regained traction were due to a single issue: poor leading edge design. The sponsons’ leading edge was placed too far back, not angled out wide enough from the outermost chines, and too high up on the hull, all of which negatively effected the Sea-Doo’s natural pivot point. By moving the sponsons’ leading edge forward and down, these effects could be lessened.



    This lead to the RIVA Racing Pro Series Sponsons for the RXT-X 300 being created. Specifically shaped in a receding step pattern, with the blades being deepest at the front and gradually narrowing towards the tail, the sponsons’ deep-reaching blades ensured added traction in all water conditions; and their forward-emphasis moved the hull’s pivot point several inches forward, closer to the craft’s center of weight.





    These sponsons will work on:


    2022 SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230
    2022 SEA-DOO RXT-X 300
    2022 SEA-DOO RXP-X 300
    2022 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 300
    2022 SEA-DOO GTX 300
    2022 SEA-DOO GTX 230
    2022 SEA-DOO GTX 170
    2022 SEA-DOO FISH PRO 170
    2021 SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230
    2021 SEA-DOO RXT-X 300
    2021 SEA-DOO RXP-X 300
    2021 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 300
    2021 SEA-DOO GTX 300
    2021 SEA-DOO GTX 230
    2021 SEA-DOO GTX 170
    2021 SEA-DOO FISH PRO 170
    2020 SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230
    2020 SEA-DOO RXT-X 300
    2020 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 300
    2020 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 230
    2020 SEA-DOO GTX 230
    2020 SEA-DOO GTX 170
    2020 SEA-DOO FISH PRO 170
    2019 SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230
    2019 SEA-DOO RXT-X 300
    2019 SEA-DOO RXT 230
    2019 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 300
    2019 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 230
    2019 SEA-DOO GTX 230
    2019 SEA-DOO GTX 155 (IBR)
    2018 SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230
    2018 SEA-DOO RXT-X 300
    2018 SEA-DOO RXT 230
    2018 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 300
    2018 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 230
    2018 SEA-DOO GTX 230
    2018 SEA-DOO GTX 155 (IBR)



    SIMILAR PRODUCT ALSO AVAILABLE. WORX Seadoo RXT-X Insert Edition Sponsons (2018+)

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