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SeaDoo Engine Diagnostic "CHK ENG"
SeaDoo Lost Key or Seadoo Key Replacement
We use the latest diagnostic systems to connect to your SeaDoo allowing us to read fault codes, re-code clocks, monitor sensor readings, supply and program a new SeaDoo key (lanyard). 
 SeaDoo fault codes can be displayed on the gauge on model year 2006 on wards. However on the Seadoo four stroke's between 2002-2005 you have to push the set button 5 times for active fault codes to be displayed. This method will notpull up the occured faults nor clear them. 
The most common code we come across is P0326 Seadoo Knock sensor out of range this can be rectified by replacing a sensor in most cases which we can supply and fit. If the prblem persists please get in touch.

SeaDoo Limp Home. Depending on what fault is present the engine power may be reduced a flashig red LED displayed and a buzzer sounding.
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